Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Job Searching Made Easy- Top Marketing Companies of 2012

           The goal of college is to prepare you for the real world and ultimately a job. Searching for a job or internship is stressful and sometimes frustrating. But don’t worry, AdAge has just made your life easier! They’ve created a list of the best marketing companies to work for in 2012.  These companies are ranked based on their employee engagement, which is a measure of how much employees feel involved and committed to their work.  Here are the top three companies:


Allen & Gerritsen: This is the firm’s second year topping the list, so obviously this company must be doing things right. The company is moving its location to Boston, MA and plans on hiring 30 to 50 employees in the upcoming year. This unconventional, yet friendly firm provides welcome packages to all new employees (including t-shirts and chocolate) and hires internships through a “Celebrity Apprentice” style competition called Tech Apprentice. Employees even received a hand written card from their boss on their birthdays’.

MrYouth: This marketing agency, located in Manhattan, isn’t interested in reading your resume. Instead they use college programs, where students try to win over customers, to fill internships and later entry-level positions.  Their strength: a culture of people closely involved with and engaged in their work. 

Tris3ct: This rapidly growing firm has increased its workforce by 77% in the last three years. Digital, multicultural and IT roles have been added to help bring this firm to new heights. Tris3ct is located in Chicago and markets for well-known corporations such as Cottonelle, Kawasaki, U.S. Cellular and ConAgra Foods. Besides having a good natured, amiable culture, the firm can boast of other perks like their Cellphone-Reimbursement Program, annual profit-sharing, and free parking. 

You can also find firms based on you own criteria with AdAge’s job finder. Good luck and happy job searching!

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