Monday, June 18, 2012

Hawaii Anyone?

Now that it is the summer and we're finally out of school for about 3 months, why not travel? And by travel, I don't mean hop in the car to visit the Baltimore Zoo, or go to Times Square for the 3rd time in a row, how about Hawaii?

I know... heading to Hawaii can be quite difficult.
One, it's far. And two, it can be quite inconvenient.

Well, Hawaiian Airlines has launched a new campaign to negate the possible stereotypes people may have about travel to Hawaii. The campaign is targeting people on the East Coast specifically, an area where only 2.4% of tourists came from. Less than three percent? I think I'd do the same thing the airline was doing. You have highly influential people spending money to travel to anywhere as long as the country is in Europe or Asia, yet only 2.4% of your sales come from this side of the country.

One of the things Hawaiian Airlines has decided to do is open a new route from New York City to Honolulu. This could be big. New York City is a whole different entity on its own. It attracts people from not only New York, but the states surrounding it such as New Jersey, upper Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts. New Yorkers lives are so fast paced that Hawaii could be the perfect get away. Not to mention that JFK Airport is the 6th largest airport in the United States according to Listosaur #justsayin.
In this New York promotional campaign, they brought Hawaii to New York. The distributed leis, played traditional Hawaiian music, had hula dancers... the works.

The digital version of the campaign contains "witty and effective copy", nothing like Burger King's Crispy Chicken Commercial.

Because the airline is small compared to American giants such as Southwest, United, Airtran and Delta, Hawaiian Airlines has to be strategic as to which routes they use, and New York may be the best fit. Although, they are on the rise, their marketing campaigns in the last few years being effective to the point that they took out one of their competitors, Aloha Airlines.

For those of you interested in visiting, Hawaiian Airlines offers trips from a few places such as Boston and Raleigh, NC, along with many other choices.
If I could give suggestions of places to add routes, I would definitely add our local IAD (Dulles) and Atlanta's Airport. The airport in Atlanta has the most traffic of all airports in the US, and Dulles is.. Dulles.

Hawaiian Airlines also offers benefits to their flyers such as the FFP (Frequent Flyer Program), online and in store products as well as ways to easily rack up points.

I definitely have wanted to get up and go somewhere, Hawaii being on my list. Knowing that the airline is doing more to give people from all areas of the states the opportunity to visit them will pay off in the long run.

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