Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to be Productive While Being Unproductive!

Going from the land of free time, the fantastical place separate from the ‘real world’ that students reside for four years, known as college, to the structured, commute-filled, eight-hour work day is not always the easiest. It’s a hard adjustment for anyone when going to bed ‘late’ is now 11PM, the ‘fun’ part of the day is dinner, and social communication takes a heavy decline. No matter where you are working this summer, it sure is hard to think and work that hard for so long. 

Never fear!

Forbes has discovered eight ways that goofing off can make you more productive. No matter who you are or where you are working, it is important you find something(s) that help you take a breather and get ready to focus again. Even vibe with different things throughout the day and spice it up- it’ll even be better in the long run!

Take the time during the day to sit down and eat lunch away from your desk, go say hi to a co-worker (or few!), listen to music, get up and stretch. View these things as healthy and productive ways to work smarter and better. You are not wasting time, rather storing energy for work when the break is over. It’s also a great opportunity to benefit from social interaction and to help each other and the culture within the company. Work should be fun! Discover things that you love to do and set goals to do them once you’ve finished. Even make plans to do with co-workers to break up the day- you’ll be surprised how much better you work and how much happier you are.

Try some or all of these depending on the day and come up with new activities that are enjoyable. A stroll around the office to somewhere you don’t usually go, a short drive with some music, a phone call to a friend from far away, etc. are just some other options for rejuvenating yourself! Work hard; play hard. Have a great summer!

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