Friday, July 6, 2012

The Life of a Summer Intern at: CORT Furniture

Hey everyone! Nick here to give a look in on my internship with CORT furniture. Many of you in AMA might know that we have a very good relationship with CORT as we have done quite a few consulting projects for them in the past. They are really looking to expand their rental furniture program into the college market (their program eliminates buying used furniture, assembling anything new, and the aggravations associated with short-term furniture ownership). Their new program is called CORT U and I am a big contributor to anything going on within the division. I heard about the position from our faculty adviser, Professor Harms, and got in contact with CORT's VP of Marketing. See, AMA connections really do pay off (literally)!

So far, I have loved my time at CORT. I get to sit on all the conference calls related to CORT U, including those with our advertising agency and public relations firm. Being able to speak your voice to such experienced marketers is always a cool opportunity and I would like to think that I have contributed to some of the new innovations. Plus, as I only naively found out a few weeks ago, I indirectly intern for Warren Buffet! (Buffet's conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway owns CORT).

I have already gotten a lot out of the internship and look to soak in even more chances as the summer goes on. First off, I have already made a ton of connections both in and out of the company. They give me free reign to connect with anyone who can help me with my projects. Second, I have done a ton of market research regarding what students want (through surveys) and about what colleges our services might work at. It's never a bad thing to put some of that kind of experience on a resume!

With all of the positives out of the way, I do have to say: I miss being able to say that my 'early' classes were at 11AM. Working 9 - 5 really puts some perspective on how lucky we are to be college students!

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