Sunday, August 5, 2012

MLM Tip - Expanding Your MLM Business Around the World

The most exciting thing about new MLM Business is that you have the opportunity to be doing business around the World for a relatively low investment. Currently, I am doing business in seven countries and soon expect to be doing business in 20 more. The beautiful thing is that I did not know any of the people in these countries before I got involved in my business.

Below are some tips for expanding your MLM Business around the World -

1. Build a Local Base that will take you around the World - You want to start by building your business in your local area. The reason being is that it is much easier for people to work if they have somebody close by them to work with. However, one caveat is that if you are well connected on the Internet, the geography and time barriers can be broken down.

2. Ask people you know whom they know in certain countries - Most people do not get this question too often. Who do you know in Korea? This question will at least get people thinking and will take you one-step closer to building your MLM business around the World.

3. Advertise for bilingual leaders in your local area - If you advertise for bilingual leaders in your local area, you will automatically find people who have connections in their local countries. Finding these people gives you access to people in your local community who have connections that you do not have.


  1. My good friend and mentor Tom Big Al Schrieter said face to face communication is the best way to get your point across. Cause you can see what the person is doing.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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