Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Best Home Based Business in the World

So what's the best home based business in the world? Before I get into that, I want to show you what's wrong with having a job or running a traditional business.

With a job, you will need to invest your time each day and get 2 weeks off once a year. If you work 10 hours a day, you get paid 10 hours. If you work for half a day, you get paid 5 hours. If you miss a day, you get paid for 0 hours.

In a job, you have to trade your time for money.

Same thing if you have a small business. You have to trade your time for your business. You have to deal with customers. You may even need to devote more hours per week then your employees. You basically have to word hard to keep your business running at all time year in and year out.

And now, I want to get to the part where I will share with you the best home based business that you can get started with part-time.

This home-based business opportunity is called:

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM for short.

If you are not sure what this business is all about, let me explain in the most simplest way possible so that you would be able to understand.

Let's say that you buy vitamins each month to have better health. What if I told you that you can actually make money from taking them each month just like you are doing right now.

Instead of buying it from the store, why not buy it from the MLM company? So let's say that you buy the supplements from the MLM company each month for $100. So you get started in the company for $100. Now, you tell 5 other people to do the same and join the company under you. So the first month, you and the other 5 people each produce $100 which equals to $600.

Let's say that month 2, your 5 people each get 5 people. So then you would have 25 people plus you and the person that you sponsored yourself. That would be 27 people each producing $100 each. That would be $2,700. If the company would pay YOU 10% of that, you income would be $270.

That 2nd month's income will not get you too far and won't buy you a nice house with nice cars in it, but let's keep going and let me show you the power of leverage.

Let's say that after 1 year, your group goes from 27 people to 300 people. If each one produced $100, that would be $30,000 in group volume. 10% of $30,000 is $3000 a month that you will get every month in residual income. Do you see where I am getting to?

Imagine what would happen to your income in 5 or 10 years. I don't think that your income would grow like this in your job or in your traditional home based business.

With MLM, you just need to do the work ONCE and you get paid leverage. The people that are on your team are not working for you. They are each working for themselves and building their own teams. You just need to find a few KEY people who will grow their own teams.

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