Sunday, August 5, 2012

Uniting Small Businesses Around the World in a Common Cause

Can we unite the small businesses in the United States and use the synergy created and the efficiencies attained so they can compete against the big boys and multi-national corporate conglomerates? A few visionary leaders, having an online discussion at the Online Think Tank believe so, in fact, they believe it is possible to unite the whole World in a Common Cause, to serve communities and people, as well as profits and smart growth. How so you ask - can this really be done?

Sure, this can be done, using a quasi-franchise - licensing model. Small Business Owners could join the group and the business would need to either pick a "community service on-going project program" or invent one would be approved, and the over-all groups could perhaps use or modify to fit regional variations in other areas.

The small business networks could easily compete due to economies of scale in the market place against any corporation, as corporations are slow to move and innovate and such a group would be the opposite. McDonald's Ray Kroc, discusses the synergistic power of franchising and groups of small businesses with owners close at hand:

"Grinding it Out" is an excellent book indeed, all business owners should read it.

A group such as we are proposing would need some motivational leadership, a recommended book reading list and some online video training stuff. The support group or brain could be net-centric think tanks meeting locally and an "online apparatus" with categories for specific niches of various industries. Small Businesses could get general advice, local advice or industry specific information that they needed.

The only problem with a model like this is that it could very easily dominate the world and change the face of human commerce forever. It could be very dangerous to the status quo. Although it would also help some of the larger corporations, with a new customer base and those companies supporting the small business teams would love the synergies, new customers and product flow as well.

What about Wall Street would they love it too? Yes, because it would be a steady ship. Emerging markets would love it because it develops new markets and local economies, people would like it because the businesses are one with the town and community. Bankers would love it, because there is a lot of money to be made funding small enterprises, micro-loans and the small business failure rate would drop significantly, making small business funding a safer bet.

Such a group could allow the small business sector to prevent or power out of a recession. Indeed, once strong enough it could end all recessions. What about our Corporations, how will it help them? Well it would make corporations much more innovative and competitive, this means lower prices, better quality products and more consumer choice. For a free-market economic win for all - everyone wins, except the fat, dumb and happy barrier makers and those who pull their strings. Of course, I for one am more interested in solving problems than pumping more money into corrupt fat cats. What say you?

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